Never Summer Proto FR 22/23

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Innovation is taking two things that exist and putting them together in a new way. We know because we’ve done it before. We innovate. The snowboard profile has been stuck in an innovation rut…until now! Introducing the Triple Camber Proto FR. We took our best selling snowboard of all time and turned it into the most versatile tool for the ride-everywhere freerider. Every function of a snowboard is now improved with Never Summer’s new patented Triple Camber Profile…edge hold, stability, power, pop, speed, float, forgiveness and smooth responsiveness. Words and images are never going to do this board justice. The ride is transformative. Immerse yourself in the Triple Camber Proto FR experience. Welcome to the realization that snowboarding is never going to be the same.

(X – Wide version of the original) | (DF – Drag Free – Super Wide)

**base designs and colors may vary**

**top-sheet is transparent, board construction will show and colors may not be as vibrant**

*3D Model’s board profile exaggerated to show curves

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157X CM, 161X CM, 162X DF


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