Jones W’s Solution Splitboard 2022


The Jones Solution Spitboard is a stiff-flexing, directional, and lightweight board that has received countless awards and is ready to take you to the extremes of backcountry terrain. Built for stability at high speeds and control when it’s absolutely critical, the Solution handles the most technical ascents and descents that you can get access to on your own feet. It’s equipped with an FSC-Certified Ultra Split Core of paulownia wood with poplar stringers for added power and durability while staying lightweight, and is reinforced with snappy flax and basalt power stringers and torsionally stiff triax laminates for a hard-charging personality. Karakoram Ultra clips are included and ensure that the two board halves are pulled together to eliminate slop, while a durable and sintered base keeps you gliding across the skin track whether you’re in fresh powder or late season hardpack.

  • Aggressive splitboard for high-consequence alpine terrain
  • Stiff flex is responsive and stable for technical descents
  • Directional Rocker provides superior float and grips icy skin tracks
  • Ultra Core contains paulownia and poplar stringers to reduce weight
  • Basalt and Flax stringers add pop and absorb vibrations
  • Traction Tech 2.0 inner/outer edges grip tenaciously in hardpack
  • Karakoram Ultra Clips pulls board halves together to eliminate slop
  • Sintered base is ultra-fast and easy to maintain for all-season use

152 CM


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